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Harvest Memories at Acre 32 Farm

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Rector, Arkansas

Flower & Honey Farm

Transforming a traditional crop field into a vibrant blooming meadow, Acre 32 Farm specializes in you-pick flowers and local honey in Rector, Arkansas. Our focus on gentle farming practices allows us to showcase the brilliance of nature through a variety of beautiful cut flowers, which also serve as food for our bees and other pollinators. Escape to nature for a family-fun activity or unique date, or take advantage of our farm as a photo location. We can’t wait for you to visit us at Acre 32 Farm!

pink bouquet of flowers

“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet simple things in life that are the real ones after all.”

Pick From

Our Flower Farm

Experience a unique and personalized flower-picking adventure at our flourishing flower farm in Rector, Arkansas. Plan a visit to hand pick your own flowers and create a bouquet that reflects your style. With a variety of vibrant zinnias, delicate gomphrenas, and many other varieties to choose from, immerse yourself in nature’s beauty as you wander through our fields. Brighten your day or someone else’s with flowers from our picturesque farm.

Indulge in our

Local Honey

For a natural, healthy, and delicious sweetener, try our local honey from Rector, Arkansas. Made by our own honey bees, our honey boasts a rich flavor from the variety of flowers and plants our bees visit. Pure, raw, and unfiltered, our honey retains all the nutrients and enzymes that make it a wholesome food. Visit us at local farmers markets to sample different types like clover, wildflower, and buckwheat. Taste the difference and support our family business.

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Photography Location

Capture your memories against a stunning backdrop at our local flower farm in Rector, Arkansas. Whether it’s family photos, graduations, engagements, or pregnancy milestones, Acre 32 Farm provides a natural and unique photography location that’s perfect for all occasions. Book a photo shoot and immerse yourself in the beauty of our blooming flowers at the best photo location in Northeast Arkansas.

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Local Arkansas Honey & FLowers

Why It’s Important To Buy Local…

Buying local is more than just a trend; it’s a commitment to supporting your community and the environment. When you buy local, you’re helping to sustain small businesses and local farmers, which in turn strengthens the local economy. Local businesses are more likely to invest back into the community, creating a cycle of support that benefits everyone. Additionally, buying local reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation, as goods travel shorter distances from farm to table. This helps to preserve the environment and reduce pollution. Not to mention, our flower farm creates pollinator habitat! By visiting our flower farm and purchasing our local Arkansas honey, you’re not only supporting our business but investing in the Northeast Arkansas community.

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Get started on planning your visit by booking now to schedule a flower picking time or finding a slot for your memorable photography session.